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Selected essays and exercises focused
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a library of e-books and essays on the life of compassion and creativity



Book: Human Becoming << free e-book in PDF format (may take 3 to 8 minutes to download the file)  An anthology of excerpts from Dr. Richo's many books on our journey toward becoming whole and human. Touches on love, fear, ego, drama, loneliness, courage, and kindness,among the many topics covered.(84 pages) 

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Essay: Self-Respect
   This exercise is about gently expanding the horizons
   of our own personal development, by coming back
   again and again to an extensive list of virtues, which
   actually represents the kind of person that life is
   yearning to become in and through us.  [This exercise
  is part of Dr. Richo's online book,
Human Becoming,
  described above.]

Essay: Freedom From Fear
  An extended series of deeply personal affirmations
  intended to help a person move from fearing the next
  catastrophe to trusting life and their own inner resources.

Essay: Notes on Love as a Practice
  Love is a sustained and active presence with unconditional 
  attention, acceptance, appreciation, affection, and allowing 
  others to be as they are. [I call these "the five A's."]

Essay: A Brief View of Confessing and Amending
  To heal the distances that can grow out of unacknowledged
  hurts partners can practice an occasional confession to one
  another using these steps 

Essay: How to See

  Why do some things upset us so much? We sometimes
  notice that our reaction cannot quite be accounted for by
  the stimulus we have encountered. An introduction to
  looking within.

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With the resurgence of spirituality today, institutional religion has become a target of mistrust. People are claiming to be “spiritual” but not “ religious.” This book dispels such a false dichotomy. Instead it challenges readers to move beyond a childhood fascination with outmoded rituals to re-discover the precious riches in our religious traditions and to invest these riches into a new, more mature faith. Here is a threefold approach to access the treasures of Catholicism and incorporate them into a grown-up faith:

  • To refashion the old structures we inherited so that they can be inclusive enough to hold our lively, passionate and evolving selves.
  • To revision our perspective of faith in light of the contributions of all the religions, mythologies, psychology, and scholarship from around the globe.
  • To re-draw the boundaries we were told not to cross so that, free from repression, we can expand our trust in our own consciences.

Written as much for formal members of the church as for people who have left or do not see the need to belong to any institutional religion, this book offers three core concepts which have always been present in Catholic tradition thanks to the mystics:

  • The recognition, promoted by Jung, that religion begins as an intra-psychic event. The understanding, examined by science, that nature is the locus of divine life.
  • The value, expounded by Thomas Merton, of the teaching and meditation practice of Buddhism


k a r u n a   b o o k s

a library of e-books and essays on the life of compassion and creativity